Primar- und Sekundarstufe: Working towards greater autonomy in the Montessori English language classroom - Action Research


Dieser Workshop wird als Vertiefung und Erweiterung der bisherigen MoBil Workshops “Combining Montessori principles and learner autonomy in foreign language teaching and learning” angeboten und richtet sich vor allem an Teilnehmer dieser Fortbildungen bzw. PädagogInnen mit praktischen Erfahrungen im Bereich des Autonomen Fremdsprachenlernens (ALL).

How can teachers who are already implementing elements of learner autonomy in their language classrooms increase the active involvement of their learners? How can teachers and learners take on more responsibility? How can the learning process become more visible to learners and teachers?

The answer to these and many other questions related to learner autonomy lies in action research, which is defined as cycles of repeated actions - work cycles initiated and evaluated  by teachers and learners. A starting point could be involving learners in finding out “How and why we learn English” and formulating new questions for each further work cycle. The aim of action research is to make learners researchers of their own learning and to make teachers researchers of their learners‘ learning as well as of their own teaching. The latter involves a focus on planning, observation and evaluation tools for teachers.

The workshop will include the following topics and aspects:
-        The work cycle in Montessori pedagogy and autonomous language learning
-        Conditions for successful language learning
Classroom observation (Montessori and ALL)
The teacher’s role in the autonomy classroom
          (organizing, initiating, pushing, foreseeing “trouble spots” and preventing negative experience
theory and practice of action research

Form and format of the workshops
Two 1,5 day sessions
Working language: English
Inputs, hands-on activities and discussions
Setting up action plans for own classroom practice
Individual implementation of planned work cycles in the period
         between the two parts of the workshop
Follow-up to share and analyse successes and challenges, additional input,
         plan further action research cycles.

Workshop leaders:


Birgitta Berger has taught English for twenty years at Montessori schools from Grades 1 to 10. She is also a Montessori teacher trainer at Montessori Bildungsakademie (MoBil) and Akademie Biberkor/IfgL and co-authored "English lernen nach Montessori" (Herder Verlag 2016). Birgitta is currently teaching at the Integrative Montessori-Schule an der Balanstraße in Munich.


Leni Dam began developing autonomous language learning at a comprehensive school south of Copenhagen in the 1970s, teaching grades from “Beginning English” (Grade 4) to Intermediate level (Grade 10) till she was pensioned in 2006. In addition, she started working as an educational adviser and in-service teacher trainer at University College, Copenhagen. She was awarded an honorary doctorate of Pedagogy at Karlstad University, Sweden. Together with Lienhard Legenhausen, Münster University, she has studied and evaluated the linguistic development of learners in autonomous classroom environments (the LAALE project). Leni has published books and many articles on autonomous language learning and is a renowned speaker in as well as outside Denmark. She now works freelance

15./16.11.2019 und 30.01./01.02.2020

Fr. 16:00–20:00 h, Sa. 09:00 -17:00 h


  • Fortbildung: Praxisseminare




16:00–18:00 h


Integrative Montessori-Schule an der Balanstraße
Balanstraße 73, Eingang Claudius-Keller-Straße 9, 81541 München


Birgitta Berger
Leni Dam


€ 290,00


€ 260,00

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